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Tesa® 4600 Xtreme Conditions is a silicone self-amalgamating tape, this property makes it work as an adhesive tape when wrapped over itself. Easy to apply: it creates a tight and permanent sealing, thus it's not necessary to leave it dry and solidificate. Thanks to this special composition, the tape is perfectly suitable even for wet, dirty and oily surfaces and for underwater applications. Tesa® 4600 Xtreme Conditions can be used also for temporary applications, as he doesn't leave any residue once removed. Its versatility is permitted by its silicone backing: in fact the tape can be perfectly used also with many chemicals, oils, acids, solvents, salt water, ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures. With a thickness of 500µm and a lenght of 3 mt, the product is ideal for multiple uses: insulation, cable protection, bundling, wrapping and even in the marine industry, hydraulic fittings, metal connections to prevent corrosion, liquid coating, automotive applications and general repairs. During application it's recommended to stretch the tape twice as its normal length. Apply on the surface and wrap it around itself tightly. Color: white

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