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tesa® is the european leader of self-adhesive products and system solutions and one of the main actors in the global market. Since 1941 tesa®, a subsidiary of Beiersdorf AG based in Hamburg, has been the “umbrella brand” used for all the self-adhesive products manufactured by the German company. In the 2001 tesa SE was founded, an important step towards the independence of this brand.

Unlikely from 3M, his longtime competitor, tesa® history begins by mistake. A peculiar history of success. In 1980 a pharmacist, Dr. Oscar Troplowitz, worked on a bandage and realized that it perfectly adheres to skin but it was irritating, therefore not suitable for treating wounds. 6 years later, Troplowitz, launched his first technical tape, specific for repairing bicycle tires. This was the forerunner of the modern rubber tape tesafilm®.

Nowadays, tesa®, after more than a century, manufacture’s self-adhesive products and system solutions for industry, artisans and consumers. Expertise and especially high quality and innovation are at the base of the success of the brand, which has been able to develop over 6500 different produtcs.

tesa® adhesive tapes have been designed to meet a wide range of needsfor hand workers: tapes for plumbers, electricians, painters, body shop mechanics, auto electricians, craftsmen, warehouse workers and several other categories, along with many ideas for your home, office and DIY projects.

tesa® offers anti-slip tapes suitable for critical surfaces, marking tapes to identify risky areas and safety zone, cloth and aluminum tapes for any kind of reparation work, double-sided tapes for secure and quick fixing on walls and floors. Moreover, general multipurpose tapes, designed for a wide range of applications (packing, sealing, bundling) and specific articles for professionals. Tapes for plumbers (in teflon and self-amalgamating silicone), insulating tapes for electricians, tapes for body shop mechanics and painters (for oven and indoor/outdoor masking).

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