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STANLEY is a world leader in the production of hand tools and power tools, as well as storage solutions. The complete range of STANLEY working equipment meets the highest quality standards and is designed to provide the most accurate technical features, strength and maximum working comfort. Each tool is developed with passion and competence by the Stanley Discovery Team, whose members, working constantly alongside professional workers and end-users, are steadily engaged in improving the quality and performances of each single tool.

The professional tools of STANLEY have been and are still developed in the name of Excellence, Safety and Comfort of use, and are meant to always be the best mates of every worker.

 Since 1843, when Frederick STANLEY began producing bolts, hinges and wrought iron hardware, Stanley tools has always been side by side with users to constantly improve their work and performances.  In 2010, from the merger of The Stanley Works and Black&Decker was born Stanley Black&Decker, which prosecutes the tradition of developing tools and solutions on which industries and professionals can rely for successful work.

The STANLEY electronic instrumentation with levelers, laser meters and flashlights, water and dust resistant as well as shockproof, allow you to work even in the toughest conditions. Measuring instruments, such as the STANLEY tape rules, bubble levels, chalk line reels and squares and STANLEY counter measuring wheels are extremely accurate and have been developed to facilitate the measurements. On tape rules, for instance, the magnetic rivet or the extra protection of the tape, allow to increase durability and can provide up to 3 meters stiffness of the measuring tape. What manual hand tools concerns, STANLEY keeps itself steadily at the cutting edge: the Discovery Team is constantly studying new materials to improve the blades of STANLEY knives, box cutters and saws, for a higher resistance and more efficiency. The Discovery Team is engaged in perfectioning the shape and coating of handles of screwdrivers , pincers and nailers, staplers and glue guns, to make them more comfortable and less slippery and to reduce vibration on the hand-arm system when working with hammers, mallets and nail bars.

Finally, the tool holders and storage systems are available in different shapes and capacities, make the transportation of your STANLEY work equipment even more practical and fast.

As always, following its mission "Performance in Action" STANLEY proves to be the best choice for any work situation.

STANLEY is also official partner and tool supplier of the prestigious football club FC Barcelona and of Joe Gibbs Racing ( American formula Nascar ). And further, official sponsor of Team Monster Yamaha Tech 3 as part of the Moto GP .

On Attrezzi&Utensili.it you will find the complete STANLEY 2016 catalogue with extraordinary discounts in comparison to official price lists. A&U.it proposes offers and promotions on STANLEY lasers and levels, quotations for the supply of SATNLEY cutting tools, the greatest variety on the choice of the STANLEY knife and box cutter most suited for your needs.

It will be very simple to choose the more suitable product on A&U.it, since each product is accompanied by technical specifications, images and video tutorials. Shouldn’t that be enough, our customer service is at your disposal for questions and assistance.

In addition, each month we propose special offers on STANLEY tools and accessories and for large orders or repeated purchases over time personal discounts and customized quotes are provided. All professional articles on our site are available for immediate shipment at the most convenient price, starting from 9€.  The Stanley official warranty is guaranteed on all products, as well as a simple and quick purchase process and the possibility to ship worldwide: the quality and efficiency Attrezzi&Utensili.it are known in almost every country of the world.



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