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Safety is an important item for everyone who is going to do some electrical maintenance, either a professional or not. That’s the reason why we should always pay attention to safety and be equipped with the right tools. That will be the subject of our talk today!


Among the right tools for electrical maintenance a central role is played of course by insulated tools, which grant a complete electrical insulation of the tools and thus of the users.

Insulated tools are ideal to work in total safety, without taking any risks.


What I’m going to talk you about today, are the USAG’s insulated tools: a wide range of equipment extremely safe and 1000 V certified.


These tools are characterised by a tri-material insulated grip which ensure a complete insulation and a comfortable and ergonomic grip.

Cacciaviti isolati 1000 V USAG

USAG provides a wide range of insulated tools, such as slot-head, PHILLIPS®, POZIDRIV® and SUPADRIV® screwdrivers. Also available in the Slim version.

But that’s not all, USAG supplies a wide range of professional nose pliers too: with straight jaws, Wire stripper, Combination pliers, Diagonal cutting nippers and end cutting nippers.

USAG Insulated Tools are the best choice for everyone who is looking for high quality tools, because they are all 1000 V certified and they grant high quality and safety standards.


Working with insulated tools is essential for works in electrical installations or plants which are or may be under tension, for instance when working in hospitals or in building sites. Cautions is fundamental, and Insulated Tools are the ideal solution!

All USAG Insulated Tools must be strictly tested prior to release. USAG tests every insulated tool with a coefficient 10 to 1, that means that every tool which is 1000 V granted must be 10.000 V tested.

Every tool should then comply other general regulations such as IMQ, UNI, DIN and ISO. All USAG Insulated Tools comply with these strict regulations and they grant to every user high quality standards.

Pinze isolate USAG 1000 V


Choose USAG Insulated Tools, the ideal safe choice for every professional who want to get quality, performance and safety!


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