USAG Autumn Action 2016

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See what's new in USAG Autumn Action 2016: until December 31, 2016 USAG autumn promos are available on our website. Discover all the new tools and accessories designed to improve the work of every professional at amazing launch prices. You'll find discounts from 30% to 50% on the official USAG catalogue 2016!


The new offers of USAG Autumn Action 2016 are a wonderful opportunity to increase your working equipment with professional tools of the highest quality.

USAG Autumn Action 2016 news concern the whole range of professional equipment: you will find new multi-purpose trolleys and tool storage systems, new sockets wrenches and adjustable pliers and news as far as the plumbing and automotive field are concerned. In short, the USAG catalogue 2016 is enhanced of many new interesting work tools at discounted prices: a real bargain for upgrading your work equipment.

As I previously mentioned, the whole field of USAG tool storage systems has been modernized. Let’s talk for example about the new USAG Start Roller Cabinet 516 or about the other Roller Cabinet with 3 shelves: all have an ABS work top resistant to oils and solvents, a compact sturdy steel handle and anti-oil rubber wheels which make them the best choice for your workshop.


Discover also the new Tool cases in high thickness polypropylene: they ensure maximum strength and protection of their content because of their aluminium frame. This USAG tool case is also available in the trolley version to make the transport of your equipment easier and more comfortable. Both these tool cases are provided with double key lock that ensure secure access to their content.

Don’t miss USAG new measuring tapes: they are coated with Shockproof ABS casing which ensures maximum grip, have a steel belt coated with anti-reflective, anti-corrosion and anti-wear nylon and grant a tape stiffness of more than a half of the tape.


USAG offers new sets of Precision Screwdrivers which are ideal for maintenance of small appliances and electronic equipment. All supplied in plastic case and equipped with chrome finished steel blades and ergonomic handles for maximum working comfort, these sets of screwdrivers are available with different imprint blades or in practical sets with bit holder and interchangeable tips.


USAG improvements have been developed also as far as the plumbing equipment is concerned. Among the products of the Autumn Action you will find new pipe cutters with cutting wheels ideal for steel and stainless steel and designed to ensure long service life and a quick change without tools. Then you can find the Compact tube cutter with small working radius for use in restricted spaces and the new Ratchet-type tube cutter for rapid advance and return and with grooved guide-rollers for cutting flanged.


Discover all the news also regarding USAG clamping tools such as the boxes with sockets and accessories, the new set of combination wrenches and adjustable pliers and the new chrome vanadium steel and nickel chrome plated open jaw wrenches.

Finally, if you're interested in the USAG innovations in the field of Automotive visit our dedicated blog page.

Take advantage now of the offers of the USAG Autumn New Action 2016: the discounts are available only until December 31.

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