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USAG news and spcieal offers on automotive tools and equipment for mechanics and autobody repairmen are now online. Discover all the offers with up to 30% discount and the new products of USAG Automotive Selection.

Between the many news of the 2016 USAG Automotive selection, I'd like to show you the new Torque wrench with reversible ratchet and hinged joint head. With an inclination of the head up to 20° it makes it easy to work even in the tighest spaces.

 As far as the body shop's field is concerned, I'd like to mention the new Pneumatic Dent Puller which ease the operation of fixing dents in a car, since it acts instantly. It's provided with 3 suction cups in order to work on different types of dents and of the car's body.

Another interesting autumn news is the bearings and seals driver which is adjustable in 3 different positions and ttherefor usable on most vehicle, including motocycles. It simplifies the insertion of external rings for angular ball bearings.

Let's now talk about the new USAG Locking Grip Pliers with forged steel jaws designed for a perfect grip on every surface (even on round surfaces!) and with a patented open system and the roller grip adjustment integrated right into the handle.

There are many other news concerning the Automotive field. You can find here below some other interesting offers and news we have thought for you.

If you want to find out more about USAG Automotive Offers, visit this web page.

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