Tesa Shop: disover the best fastening solutions!

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Tesa Shop

Attrezzi&Utensili is pleased to announce the introduction of a new top brand, you can easily buy its prioducts in your online shopping mall along with USAG and Terry.!

The wide range of tesa® products available on the website, will be ready in our warehouses in two weeks, but they can be already ordered. The new brand tesa® doesn’t need a long introduction: it’s one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive products and solutions, designed for  industrial and professional applications as well as for consumers. Long-time expertise and innovation are the fundamentals for the brand's success. In order to keep offering top-quality products, Attrezzi&Utensili launches now a wide range of new articles (more than 250!) accurately selected for professionals. In tesa® store, on our website, you can find a large amount of adhesive tapes for every kind of need, e.g. for packaging, sealing, fixing, masking, hydraulic, insulation and marking. Moreover, you will find various insect screens and weather strips for doors and windows. All the products are designed for professionals, but also for home, office, factory and DIY lovers.

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