New USAG 207E Scissors

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The new USAG 207 E Scissors are the ideal for professional people who want to work with high quality cutting tools. You need this pair of scissors for doing perfect electric repairs but also for daily DIY.

The Usag Scissors 207 E are the only cutting tools with a stainless steel structure (blades and inside handles) for high resistance.

Both blades are made with steel and have micro antislip toothing in order to cut cables easily.

The new scissors have a cable cutter on both blades for cutting up to 50 mm2 cables, a built-in wire stripper of 1,5mm2, 2,5 mm2, 4 mm2 and you can exert crimping function.

The scissors have practical bimaterial ergonomic shaped handles.

Features such as theirs ease of use, the accurately way of cutting and the wire-stripper of different measurements, make the USAG Scrissors 207 E the ideal choice for professional people.

These scissors are provided with plastic belt holder with safety block and hanging hole. The scissors weigh only 150 gr while the blades length is 40 mm.

I just wanted to remind you that, the best way to work in a professional manner is to use professional tools, especially in dealing with electricity or electrical supply, so the new Usag scissors 207 E absolutely need to be in your toolbox!


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