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This special offer concerns tools assortments peculiarly designed for every maintenance need: you will find a wide range of sets for industrial and automotive maintenance at very special prices.

On Attrezzi&Utensili.it you will find 1/2" and 1/4" assortments in modular boxes with metal closing clip, such as the USAG 601 1/2 J22 (22 pcs.)  with 17 hexagonal sockets, 2 extensions 1/2", 1 reversible ratchet 1/2", 1 T-handle 1/2" and 1 Universal joint 1/2" or the USAG 601 1/4 J34 (34 pcs.)with 13 hexagonal sockets 1/4", 2 extensions 1/4", 1 reversible ratchet 1/4 ", 1 spinner with handle 1/4", 1 universal joint 1/4" and many different bits.

If you need a complete assortment, you can choose a set with both 1/2" e 1/4" blades, combination wrenches, hexagonal sockets, flexible and standard extensions, 1 reversible ratchet, 1 spinner with handle, 1 universal joint, 1 T-handle and 1 bit-holder socket as well as many other socket bits and bits, such as the USAG 601 1/4-1/2 J82 (82 pcs.)

Do you need a set of combination wrenches? Then you’ll probably be interested in the USAG 285 J/B16 with combination wrenches from 6 to 24 mm.

Are you looking for an assortment perfect to work on small domestic appliances or small electrical devices? Then look at USAG 692 J100 (100 pcs.), USAG 692 J32 (32 pcs.) and USAG 692 J49 (49 pcs.).

But that’s not all, the greatest deal of the Just USAG offer is the USAG 002 JM case with assortment for maintenance. This case is made up of an aluminium section shell, metal reinforcements and double metal closing hinges with lock and included key. It has three inside panels equipped with elastics to hold tools and a blocking system of the folding panel. It contains 181 pieces including a wide range of pliers, cutting nippers, scissors for electricians, a mini hacksaw frame and a hammer for mechanics.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the Just USAG Offer on A&U.it!

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