DeWALT Xr Flexvolt Power Tools

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Check out DeWalt Xr Flexvolt tools and accessories: the new range of professional products which change the rules in the construction tools and equipment’s field.

The Xr Flexvolt technology developed by DeWalt is really revolutionary because it improves simultaneously power and comfort of use. What makes this new line of tools and accessories really extraordinary is the improvement in performance and productivity that it makes come true. These power tools combine the convenience of cordless tools with the power of corded tools. The XR FLEXVOLT Power tools have a voltage up to 54 V, which makes them high performing and portable at the same time.

DeWalt Xr Flexvolt power tools combine a great ease-of-use with a reduced runtime and great performances. This XR FLEXVOLT system eliminates any and all restrictions you usually find when working with power tools and provides a cordless system that offers zero compromises.

The XR FLEXVOLT DEWALT line satisfies all the needs of each professional: it combines the convenience of cordless tools that ensure maximum autonomy and freedom and work performance of corded tools.

You can thus have for the first time the full power of 54V without the inconvenience of the power cable. Dewalt Xr Flexvolt tools have the power that will change the way work gets done.


Power Tools with the Freedom of Cordless and the Power of Corded.


DEWALT Xr FLEXVOLT™ Batteries are the world's first batteries that automatically adjust their voltage when you change tools. This makes them ideal for cordless tools of different voltage. This are Lithium Ion 6.00 Ah batteries with an adjustable voltage from 18V to 54V. The FLEXVOLT™ battery is backwards compatible with our 18V cordless tools so you get up to 4x the runtime. And because the FLEXVOLT™ battery is the only battery that automatically changes voltages when you change tools, you can slide the battery into a whole new lineup of 54V cordless tools from DEWALT.

DeWalt XR FlexVolt, however, has not only revolutionized the world of power source. There are many other technical improvements regarding the body and the efficiency of the power tools. Just to give you some examples, the DeWALT XR FLEXVOLT Reciprocating Saw has the lowest vibration of the class (14m / s), the FLEXVOLT Compact Cricular Saw has been designed to obtain the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. Also the 54V Flexvolt Angle Grinder has a lighter, more compact and balanced machine body and a new range of anti-vibration ergonomic handle.


Finally, several technical improvements have been made to accessories too. A new line of FLEXVOLT XR blades has born: I’m talking about the new XR EXTREME RUNTIME blades for miter saw and table saw. Thanks to their special design and their carbide teeth they allow at least twice the cuts of a standard blade together with a more precise cutting and a longer lifetime. These blades grant the 36% of cuts more on wood and those for circular saw the 63% of cuts more per charge.

The XR FLEXVOLT discs for Angle Grinder allow to carry out up to 39% of cuts more and remove up to 53% more material than the standard ones.


In short, both as regards the power source, the structure of the power tools and the accessories, DeWALT has completely revolutionized the world of working equipment and it has improved the work of each professional while constantly increasing the reliability, accuracy, 'autonomy and the power of its products.

Be part of this revolution now!

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