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The shopping mall of Attrezzi& has grown bigger: DeWalt powertools is now part of our online shops!

This US leading brand is worldwide acknowledged as a synonym of safety, reliability and resilience. DeWALT is wide appreciated by its users because of the specific attention that it pays to every user’s safety. Between the many solutions that DeWALT has adopted to reach this goal, there is a system born in 2007 I would like to talk you about.

That is the Perform and Protect System: a line of tools designed to safeguard users against the harmful effects of dust inhalation, vibration, and loss of tools control. Of course, all this is gained without sacrificing great performances. It represents the most comprehensive system including the safest, highest performing professional construction tools in the world. Therefore, these solutions and these tools are the right choice for everyone who wishes to combine the best performances of his tools with quality results, health and safety.


Prolonged use of high-vibration tools can cause a range of negative health conditions, collectively known as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). DeWALT has developed a system which decreases Tri-Axial Vibration levels, increasing usage time without reducing performance. The Perform and Protec System decreases by 50% hand-arm vibrations!


Airborne dust exposure can lead to a number of long-term harmful health conditions such as respiratory and pulmonary diseases. Reducing the amount of air-borne dust exposure to every user is fundamental to grant good health conditions and a clean and safe working environment. The Perform & Protect System’s tools are implemented with pipes, adapters, attachments, guards and shrouds which allow to extract and collect dust directly from the power tool, almost without any contact to the person. All dust extractors are certified for fine particles.

When drilling or cutting there is a chance that the tool could jam. This could cause damage to the tool or cause personal injury. To avoid accidents Dewalt has developed advanced electronics for revolution speed control, soft start, and spindle lock to block spindle a few instants after the switch off. That means that the Perform and Protect powertools are equipped with additional innovative torque control safety features.

These are just some of the solutions that has been developed by De Walt to ensure higher safety conditions to every user. If you wish to discover more about DeWalt powertools and about other smart devices, have a look either at our website  or at our online blog!

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