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The USAG 519 Racing Roller Cabinet is employed everyday in the workshops of Ducati Racing and Toro Rosso. Available in a great number of models and configurations, it is therefore very useful to have a little guide for a better orientation.

As promised in my previous article about USAG carts, today we will go a little deeper in the topic, speaking of the USAG  519 Roller Cabinet.

The 519 Racing Workshop Cabinets are part of top USAG top level range of products. Made of powder-coated sheet steel, they are available in several configurations. Not only are they available with 6, 7 or 8 drawers, but they are also the first to be designed with modular width. What does it mean? Quite simple: they have different widths depending on the tool holder modules to be contained in each tray or drawer. They also have a maximum static load of 900 kg, to allow you to store whatever you want without any inconvenience.

The very broad range of available models allows you to have the top level toolcabinets best suited to your needs and adaptable to any corner of your workshop.

USAG Racing Cabinets, the first Rolling Cabinets with modular width. The compact, the saloon and the estate one.

To give you even more convenience and comfort, the working surface is scratch-resistant with special edges designed to avoid slipping and falling of your tools, even in case of the most abrupt movements.

Moving on to speak of drawers, it should be remarked that their handles are made of anodized aluminum, that they are equipped with interior rubber mats resistant to oil and grease. The minimum effort to keep your equipment tidy and clean is guaranteed. Drawers are additionally equipped with a system for fast and secure rapid opening and closing with full extension. Hinges have obviously equipped with ball bearings.

What the maximization of space is concerned, you should know that USAG has also developed rear panels for their 519 cabinets, along with side panels for mounting accessories and store other useful objects. You can purchase them separately, and quickly mount them on your roller cabinet. Some examples: USAG waste bins, USAG bottle holders (for your relief or for cleaning liquids), USAG document holder, or USAG perforated panels for tools, the latter only available for Top Level Roller Cabinets, which means USAG 514, USAG 519 and USAG521 cabinet series.

Movement and transport is at the same way quite easy and safe. USAG Cabinets of the 519 series are equipped with ergonomic handles with integrated soft-touch coating and rubber bumpers on uprights and drawer edges.

USAG knows that every mechanical deeply cares about its tools. I myself quite poetically consider the tools I use as an extension of my arms. Straight to the point: central locking system is provided to keep your precious USAG tools safe from ill-intentioned.

Finally, for those who did not need to move its carts from one corner to another of their workshops, the USAG 519 series also includes stationary drawers. And furthermore, for those who are subject to sudden changes of mind: kits for transport are available to be easily matched to your USAG stationary drawers.

To sum up a little, USAG has put at your disposal a wide range of roller tool cabinets, suitable for any eventuality. The cart that I have just described is part of the top of the range, used in everyday tasks by professionals of Racing. Still they are available, and always perfectly suited, also for those who love to keep their USAG instrumentation tidy and safe. USAG 516 S6V or USAG 518 S5V cabintes, with a maximum static load of 800 and 900 kg, respectively, are meant to be an optimal solution for all of them.

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