Which are the best USAG sockets for you?

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Sockets are ubiquitous instruments when we speak of tightening or loosening operations. For this reason, to get an excellent performance, it is important to know them perfectly. We will look at some USAG sockets quite close.

Hexagonal and bihexagonal sockets are quite ubiquitous tools in maintenance applications. For this reason, it is worthwhile to go a little deeper in the topic. Let us start from basics: they are of cylindrical shape, made of steel and usually available in various dimensions. At one end they have a hexagonal or polygonal inner profile which will accommodate the bolt we are working with. The other end is equipped with a female fitment, normally of quadrangular shape, to fix the socket to a tool, such as ratchets, wrenches or levers.

chiavi a bussola esagonali USAG

When you choose between a hexagonal or a polygonal profile you should bear in mind some of the most peculiar qualities of both versions: bihexagonal sockets, in fact, have an inner profile which should be described as made by two superposed hexagons (with 60° phase) and allow a reset of 30 degrees instead of 60. They are therefore ideal to be employed in confined spaces. When your duty is heavier (technically speaking we should say that a higher torque should be applied) you should pay attention: bihexagonal sockets, due to their geometry, could be subject to damages. In these cases hexagonal sockets are highly recommended.

Sockets are characterized by a great flexibility of use: in fact they can be easily connected to USAG Torx keys, for instance, and to a wide range of USAG screwdriving bits. This might be of great utility and comfort whenever a common screwdriver is not sufficient to fulfill your professional tasks.

Moving on to speak of handles, grips and devices on which your socket should be coupled, I would like to focus focus on the ratchet. Screws and bolts located in inconvenient places should be approached with a ratchet: thanks to its reversible mechanism fast and convenient manoeuvring is allowed. This is obviously the distinctive basic feature of every ratchet available on the market: anyhow it should be not underrated that such a simple feature makes it possible to tighten, fasten or loose mechanical parts without removing and replacing the key during the process, and without forcing yourself (your hand and arms) to intricate and tiring movements.

The reversible ratchet has the peculiarity of being provided with a mechanism which allows to convey strength, alternatively, in one direction or the other, while a resting position can be assumed to reposition the key the starting point, ready to receive again force to be conveyed to screws, nuts and bolts.

USAG has recently introduced a model of reversible ratchet, the USAG  237 B, with a unique feature: the USAG tool is forged in a single body, with completely sealed mechanics: dirt and dust could not, even in the toughest and dirtiest work conditions, lodge in the mechanism, blocking the clutch and hampering the operations of screwing and unscrewing. For an even greater comfort of use, the USAG ratchet 237B is provided with a lighter body and with an ergonomical grip of conical shape. Furthermore: the lever for direction-switch can easily be set with one hand. 

cricchetto reversibile 237 B USAG

USAG sockets are sold either individually or in assortments, usually consisting of hexagonal sockets of various measures, screwbits for many kinds of screws and a reversible ratchet. USAG sockets assortments are of excellent quality and complete: if you are not the owner of a workshop, but still you are considering the purchase of sockets, I recommend to buy them in sets. This way you'll be ready for any kind of maintenance work on cars, motorcycles and more. Sockets must always be the exact size of the bolt, nut or screw. Otherwise you will risk ruining the hexagon edges, you will make your work much harder and above all, waste a lot of money.

Larger sockets for larger bolts: it might be considered as quite simple point. However you shouldn’t forget, that also the fitment of your USAG socket should be suited, and therefore an appropriate ratchet should be employed. You should also have recourse to USAG adapters for sockets, available in versions of 1” or 15”.

USAG knows very well that, to maximize ease of use of its tools, it is not only important to have a great quality of materials and manufacturing, but also to store them appropriately. This is why some distinctive features have been designed for USAG ratchet boxes and cases: the following image shows you a quite classy and functional USAG socket case with holes. No, it is not just a matter of style, you are allowed to check the content of your case and the completeness of your set with just the blink of an eye! And a complete range of USAG modular toolcases is available to arrange your space at best. 


To round off our short digression on ratchets I would just mention one of USAG novelties: a series of USAG ratchets with rotating handle, to tighten a bolt additionally by rotating the ratchets handle. At the moment the USAG 237 ¼” model is available, for light tightening tasks, but don’t despair: there are still many things brewing at USAG’s. 


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