Air Impact Wrench: what it is and how to use it

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We at Attrezzi&Utensili know that many of you have asked themselves, at least once in their life, if it was the case to buy an impact wrench for their professional activities or for some DIY work. We’d so like to help you choose the right tool for your necessities.

Air powered impact wrenches are essential tools for operating on screws and nuts. For them to work it is necessary to connect them to an air compressor. Thanks to that they can be powered and used in every environment without the needs of an electric power source, even so in wet or humid location, raising your work place safety.

Structurally talking they resemble a common drill but, although you can use it to drill a small hole on soft materials, it has some peculiar functions. 
The impact wrench is usually provided with a speed reduction gear which permits to diminish its rpm.
When it comes to USAG impact wrenches, it is possible to choose between two preconfigured speeds (one slower to tighten and one faster to release the bolt) and, of course, if you want it to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Air powered impact wrenches do not provide a fixed torque but instead have a very short impact force as output. The tool delivers a defined, fixed, amount of energy with each blow allowing the bolt to tighten or loose. They come in different styles and sizes (1/4”, 3/8” and so on). Depending on the model, they can be used on socket wrenches or square drives as well.

These impact wrenches are utilized to speed up the tightening and loosening operation while dealing with bolts and nuts. Thanks to their high resistance structure, they can be used for long shift on heavy duty jobs.

For the way they’re studied and made, even if the impact wrench can’t apply the necessary amount of torque power to untighten the nut and therefore won’t rotate, the fixed energy amount blows will continue to pummel the bolt allowing to slowly release the stuck nut.

The impact wrench has a hammer mechanism which allows the hammer to spin freely, hit the anvil, then release and spin freely again. A spring is used to hold the hammer on its downwards position, allowing it to slide and rotate on a shaft.

To ease the understanding of its functioning here’s a breakdown picture of an USAG impact wrench:

Thanks to its characteristics, the impact wrenches are designed to come in help of those workers that have to screw a lot of bolts serially or with heavy duty assignments as automotive repair, heavy equipment maintenance, product assembly and major construction projects workers as in any other instance where a high torque output is needed.

Because of its high maximum torque output it is recommended to pay attention to the output settings as an excessive high torque can damage the bolt thread therefore requiring further work to unscrew it.

In the instances where it’s needed a more precise torque control it is recommended to use instead a torque wrench, which can tighten the nut at the given torque value required which is not possible with the impact wrench.

As for the 2013s new product releases, I feel like recommending the new 942 series, built using Titanium for the structure, one of the most resisting material known, and powered by a one-piece new generation motor, allowing more power output and less maintenance. The design balances the weight enhancing the comfort even for intensive use. Furthermore it is possible to activate the rotation inversion while holding it, even one-handed!

The impact wrench is sold as stand alone or contained in a custom-made sheet steel box containing retainer pins, locking rings, extensions and oiler, making it a incredible deal for anyone who’s starting to build his tool assortment.

For any maintenance on the tool however, I recommend to always refer to the included instruction manual as any incorrect operation may result in damage to the tool.

If you’re thinking about getting one of these powerful and useful USAG impact wrenches keep that in mind: these tools are designed to be the perfect match to professional and frequent users. If you do not plan to use it largely or to only need it a few times a year I’d recommend to use a torque wrench or ask your mechanic to do the work for you as the tool may require higher maintenance if not frequently and correctly used.

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