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codeRung - StepsLadder Max Extended Height (m)Twin Ladder Max Height (m)Max Cantilever Working Height (m)Closed Ladder Dimensions (HxLxP m)price
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AL002 4+4 3.77 1.93 4.70 1.15x0.53x0.19 € 104.02
€ 86.68

AL004 5+5 4.81 2.45 5.70 1.41x0.64x0.24
€ 123.07

Aluminium Extensible Combination ladder available in 2 different models with 4+4 or 5+5 rungs, allows to reach different working heights in complete safety. The ladder can be used as an A-Frame Ladder, as a fixed ladder or a stair ladder. It is equipped with patented steel hinges, very easy to handle. The semi-automatic safety device allows to fold the ladder simply and in safety.  The height as well as the number of rungs can be adjusted with a practical side hook made of rubber coated steel. Uprights are made more comfortable to handle through rounded profiles. Very solid structure made of aluminium, with great resistance to torsion and charge. Rungs 25x25mm in section, welded with three points on each side and with plastic cover. Slip resistant foot pads for a guaranteed grip. Color: Grey/Orange. Certification: Acal100 DLgs. 81/08. Max Load: 100 kg. 3 years warranty. 

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