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Gierre is the Italian top brand in lifting and has an increasingly important role in international business, particularly in Europe. Since 1980, when Gierre was established, the company has invested in innovation, in quality and in safety measures. The company achieved significant results thanks to these investments.

Today Gierre takes up a large warehouse of 6000 mq with its products and avails itself of an automatic palletizing system, in order to reduce the purchasing preparation time.
In 2014 Gierre established a new seat in Italy (Olginate) installing the sole existing extending ladder system. In 2014, the company also settled a logistics department and some subsidiaries in France, where they sell GIERREPRO professional products.

In 2008 the company obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 certificate. That is to say, Gierre will provide a senior management with an efficient management process and continuous assessment and improvement. All products have a compliance certificate according to the Legislative Decree 09, April 2008 (Decree about Safety Rules), this means that Gierre products are reliable and safe.
Gierre scale s.r.l. designs and produces professional products such as ladders, stools, scaffoldings, access towers, hand trucks, working platforms and loading ramps either for consumers (GIERRE line) or for professionals (GIERREPRO line).

In 2014, Gierre had an agreement with HAILO regarding the distribution of its products in Italy; Hailo is a renowned German trademark, which manufactures recycling containers and ladder systems.
Gierre offers products designed to meet a wide range of needs of different workers, such as bricklayers, electricians, painters, gardeners, plumbers and so on.
There are over 350 items in stock, which you can purchase now directly from your smartphone. Orders are generally processed and shipped within 24/48 hours.
Gierre shop is divided into categories for facilitating the product research: professional hand trucks, telescopic ladders, stepladders and stools, transformable ladders, extension ladders with rope, single ladders. In addition, you can find loading ramps, access towers and scaffoldings.

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