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Since the beginning in 1922, when Raymond E. Dewalt improved the first redial arm saw, De WALT commitment to researching and innovating has never changed. Even with many corporate changes the brand’s philosophy and mission has remained the same as that of Raymond DeWALT: the profound desire to innovate and to meet the end user’s exact expectations and needs. From the first drafts of a universal woodworking machine, the “Wonder Working” of the Twenties, to the highest technologies of XR-lithium batteries of our new millenium, DeWALT continues to guarantee reliable and up-to-date solutions for the construction industry, solutions which will improve markedly your working conditions and results. Today, in our global market, De WALT is still synonym of reliability, precision and robustness. Thanks to continuous investments in research and development DeWALT ensures high standards in work safety, health protection as well as a particular attention on environment problems.

On Attrezzi&Utensili.it online store you will find the complete range of all DeWALT products, you will be provided with the possibility to choose from an outstanding array of corded and cordless tools: De WALT drills and drivers, rotary hammers, demolition hammers, saws, planers, metal chop saws, angle grinders, routers, sanders, nailers and highly technological devices for measurements of temperature and spaces. All of these with an extraordinary range of matching accessories: drill bits for every kind of material, cutting and deburring discs, saw blades and knives, sanding pads, collets, bushes and guides for routers, chucks, tripods, support and working stands, brads and pins. And more: everything you need to keep your working site clean and comfortable: air compressor, dust extractros, portable radios.

Safety, power, comfortable use, long service life and resistance are the keywords which best describe De WALT spirit. We will examine them quickly:

Work Safety

Created in 2007 the DeWalt Perform&Protect system has been meant to be a guideline towards the production of the safest power tools in the world. Vibrations, dust and particulates, tool-control are the factors at stake. Just a few examples: DeWALT drills and hammers are equipped with AVC Active Vibrations Control system, counterbalances and floating handles, peculiarly designed to dump vibrations on the hand-arm system. To safeguard your health De WALT has designed and implemented a great number of pipes, adapters, attachments, guards and shrouds which allow to extract and collect dust directly from the power tool, almost without any contact to the person. All dust extractors are certified for fine particles. And more: motors of routers, circular saws, mitre saws are equipped with advanced electronics for revolution speed control, soft start, and spindle lock to block spindle a few instants after the switch off.

Power and comfort use

DeWALT has always paid keen attention to design tools combinig power and comfort: the whole range of XR-lithium cordless instruments puts together the outstanding running time of the new up to 20V Li-Ion batteries and the convenience of noiseless brushless motors. Batteries and battery chargers are provided with practical Bluetooth connections to allow you to control constantly the state of charge from mobile devices, battery chargers often include USB ports to connect and recharge other mobile devices. Screwdrivers and saws are equipped with adjustable LED lights for maximum visibility of the screw head or of the workpiece. Mitre saws can be equipped with XRS tracking system, a projection of the blade cutting line directly on the workpiece for the greatest precision in cutting.

High resistance and long service life

De WALT produces his drill bits, screwbits, blades with the toughest and more suited materials. An outstanding service life and resistance is guaranteed, from the diamond core drills to a simple sanding sheet! Blades have always a peculiarly designed geometry, perfectly suited for its cutting material, screwbits are hardened, diamond-powder coated and have a flexible torsion zone to absorb sudden torque peaks. Power tools have all metal gears and cooled motors as well as electronic overload protections.

For all these reasons DeWALT is today USA leading brand! Thought and designed to satisfy every professional needs, De WALT electronic tools are perfect for DIY or house works too.

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